DIY Duct Tape Tray & Bead Mat Using Recycled Cat Food Boxes

duct tape trays

Duct Tape Tray & Bead Mat Video Tutorial

After several months, I have finally gotten time to edit this frugal feline food craft project video! Sorry for the delay, but it’s been extra sparkly lately with beading classes and handmade holiday jewelry orders.

Here are 2 versions of duct tape trays where I used recycled Friskies cat food cardboard boxes in order to make a craft tray and a beading tray.

To make this Duct Tape Tray & Bead Mat you will need:

And once again, thank you to everyone who has shared your support, sent cards and called me while I’ve been dealing with my recent loss of sweet Punkin. He’s sorely missed. Everything I do usually reminds me of his sweet furry heart. The fall pumpkin everything season is especially difficult, but also sweet at the same time as it helps me think of all the years with good memories of my little fur baby. Loss is just plain non-sparkly, my friends. Hugs to us all!

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