DIY Wreathe & Tribute to My Punkin Cat

DIY Neutral Wreathe

Here’s my first video in awhile since losing my sweet Punkin cat. Thanks again to all those who have helped to lift my spirits or just be supportive when I reach out. It means a lot.

I’m using neutral colors with pops of muted greens and oranges. I wanted to have a wreathe that I could keep up year round without feeling overwhelmingly seasonal vibes. I also wanted little hints of my precious “Lion King” Punkin via various flowers, colors and textures. So that even when it is time to take down my pumpkin ceramics and mesh from the mantle, I can leave my wreathe up if I desire without feeling too “fallish” (instead of foolish).

I also show a respectful and temporary way to have your pet’s cremation ashes in your family room until you make your final placement decision. I say temporary. If you like having faux floral arrangements in your home, however, this could be a permanent way to display without everyone knowing your beautiful fur baby’s resting place. You can design it like I did with personality or name specifics in the choice of flowers and vase. You can also decide to change it out regularly as your room design shifts or holidays occur. It’s whatever your heart desires. This little floral arrangement makes me happy and I don’t have to put water in it.

Everything used in the wreathe came from my latest Dollar Tree haul, except for my vine wreathe and orange vase, which were items that I’ve used in several previous decor projects.

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