Halloween Jewelry DIY: Bloody Neck Crystal Slit Throat Necklace

Spooktacular Bloody Necklace Tutorial

I just taught a class today on making this scary yet sparkle-tastic bloody necklace. By using clear stretch cord as the stringing material and sizing it to be worn like a choker style necklace, it gives the gruesome appearance of a slit throat! Perfect costume for a Halloween party while staying simplistically sparkly!

For a free printable PDF of instructions, please click here.



Create between 6-10 head pin bead dangles of varying lengths using 1 large 8mm as the bottom darker bead and various amounts of smaller light  red 6mm beads on top. These dangle charms give the illusion of blood droplets from your slit throat. lol.

Feed the bead dangles along with staggered patterns of small 6mm beads onto stretch cord to fit your neck comfortably as a choker style necklace. A typical choker runs about 14 inches, but can vary depending on neck circumference, personal preference and bead width. I chose to make mine a 16 inch necklace which rested perfectly as a choker style on my neck. I doubled over a 32 inch long piece of .5mm  stretch cord in order to get the desired 16 inches.

You can choose to either tie off and glue the knots or you can crimp the stretch cord like you would for bead stringing wire. Due to the nature of this holiday choker, this design is not meant for active and daily wear, but more so for a one time costume. So, keep in mind the durability of stretch cord designs while deciding which way to finalize the clasping method you prefer.

Once you tie off or crimp your bloody necklace, simply wear and enjoy the freaked out looks from friends and family. Then again, maybe they are simply admiring the sparkles.

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Have a spooky and sparkly Halloween, y’all!!


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