Mommy and Me Jewelry Making Party

mommy and me jewelry making party

Mommy and Me Jewelry Making Party Package

A creative jewelry making activity for your family to bond over while having a party. During this Mommy and Me Jewelry Making Party, parents and their kiddos are taught to make a glass bead and pearl necklace or wrap bracelet. The versatility of the piece serves adults and kids while being multi-functional, depending on how you feel like it wearing it on any given day. Sometimes you might want it as your necklace, other times you might display it as a trendy wrap bracelet. Either way, you and your daughter will match!

Participants are encouraged to lay out their design on the necklace /bracelet bead board tray while the instructor teaches them how to size and arrange the components. Each person’s jewelry design will be unique, however, matching materials can be selected if preferred.

And let’s not forget our dads! For those not interested in making ladies’ jewelry, the following alternatives are available: wire wrapped washer pendant, leather cord bracelet, beaded book band, button tie clip, deck of cards bow tie, key chain or just enjoy learning about gemstones and metals.

Once everyone completes their jewelry project, we will sing-along to “We are Family” and have a  group photo shoot (optional).

Beading Benefits of a Mommy and Me Jewelry Making Party

Beading is known to improve fine motor, visual perceptual, and cognitive skills by promoting design decision making, increasing visual memory, enhancing eye-hand coordination and hand muscle strength. The benefits of beading are as plentiful as my bead stash, however, it is also a relaxing and social activity. This is also a great way to bring together some teen time with older kiddos that feel they are too cool for their parents. No one is too cool for sparkles!

What’s Included in the Mommy and Me Jewelry Making Party

The Mommy and Me Jewelry Making Party package includes 2 hours of fun plus:

  • beading materials to make a clasped necklace or wrapped bracelet
  • optional alternative to wire: stretch cord
  • optional materials for gentleman: washer pendant, elastic book bands, deck of cards, button tie clips, leather cording
  • jewelry making tools
  • custom invitations
  • Music playlist spanning 1960’s – 2016 for workshop duration
  • coordinating organza jewelry drawstring pouches for each participant


$40.00 covers 1 parent and 1 child with a minimum of 6 students. For 7 participants or more, only $18.00 per sparkly student.

Additional travel fee is required.