Almost There! Small Channel Support Update #iamacreator

I’m Almost There! Thanks for your Sparkly Support

Here’s my latest video update on YouTube with today’s totals and ALOT of thanks to my sparkly supporters! I’m almost to the necessary watch time minutes at my crafty channel! I still need about 11,000 watch minutes. Thanks to all who are helping me reach that goal before next week’s deadline. For those that haven’t read about YouTube’s demonetization of small channels, the sparkly struggles at my channel will be decided by 2-20-18.

Playlist Reciprocation: Small Channel Support

I’m still adding crafty creators to my Small Channel Support for Beaders and Crafters playlist. Those that reciprocate placement of my Sparkly Beader video intro in their own supportive channel playlist will be selected. I’ve also decided to keep this playlist active even after reaching my own watch time goals so that the list can continue to help other small channels reach their goals by exposure to new audiences.

Call to Action – Your Help is Still Needed!

  • share my channel/ specific video(s) with your social media and/ or email list
  • open a tab on your desktop and let one of my playlists (see below) run all the way through
  • view at least 1 video and watch in its entirety including the ad

The following are my playlists arranged by topic, but by special request (shockingly enough), you can view ALL my videos in 1 playlist here:

I appreciate everyone’s sparkly support in whatever way you can help. I realize your time is valuable, which is why I am so grateful to my existing viewers, subscribers and visitors.

I currently have 1 Patron, so thank you big sparkly bunches for that as well. My official launch date is today on Valentine’s Day. Leave me feedback on things you might enjoy if you are able to become a Patron for me there. Thank you very much!

Have a sparkle-riffic day, everyone!


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