2600 YouTube Subscribers!!!!!!!

2,600 YouTube subscribers

Guess what, Sparkle Squad?

I just reached 2,600 YouTube subscribers today over at my channel! Yippee! Thank you!

Coming Soon!

I’m working on more fresh content for you all to include a brief tutorial for making a spook-tacular Halloween gift tag/ earring card, a new candy bouquet, and my recent Netrition low-carb haul. I’m also currently working on several writing projects as well as offering an online jewelry making class. Stay tuned!

My original intent last year was to begin posting 1ce every month and calling it a Sparkly Sunday. I did not receive much feedback on that idea and planning my jewelry making classes at multiple locations has kept me from pursuing it any further. Since YouTube has changed their analytics requirements again for the partner program and now favors frequent content creator channels, I will revisit this idea. Please let me know in the comments what you’d like to see regularly on my channel.

Giveaway at 3,000 YouTube Subscribers

As I get closer to 3,000 YouTube subscribers, I will have another giveaway. I’ve got some great gift ideas such as a beading project calendar, planner, handmade jewelry or maybe even a jewelry maker’s toolkit. Let me know in the comments below what gift you’d like to see in my upcoming giveaway.

Please be sure to share my channel, comment and “thumb’s up” directly at the channel if you like any of my videos. This ensures inclusion in my viewing stats. Your sparkle-tastic support watching my videos on YouTube, shopping via my blog affiliate links, taking my local jewelry classes and purchasing my handmade jewelry is appreciated so much!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Extra special thanks to my sweet husband and Sparkle Squad. It’s because of you all that I am thankfully able to continue pursuing my creative passion and entrepreneurial career. This dream is still not quite fully what I envisioned, however, with more hard work on my part and your all’s continued love…I know that I’ll eventually get there. I’m already doing something I never thought I’d ever get the opportunity to do. So, I thank you all again- big sparkly bunches- from the bottom of my heart!!

Thanks again to everyone who already subscribes and to all my new sparkly fans! Please help me spread the sparkles- share my blog posts, social media/video links, and class announcements. Sign up for my Sparkle Squad to stay updated.

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