2100 YouTube Subscribers!!!!!!!

YouTube subscribers

2,100 YouTube subscribers

WOW!!! Thank you all sparkly bunches! I just reached 2,100 YouTube subscribers today over at my channel!! I’m working on more fresh content for you all. I hope to begin posting monthly. I think I may post on and call it Sparkly Sundays! Would you like to see videos posted on the 1st or last Sunday each month? Do you prefer another day of the week to watch sparkly craft and jewelry making DIY’s?

Giveaway at 2,500 YouTube subscribers

Thanks so much for sticking with me as I’ve been remodeling my website and expanding my jewelry business! I have added more El Paso teaching locations into my schedule, to include one east side spot. I also plan to begin in-home jewelry making parties soon.

As I get closer to 2,500 YouTube subscribers, I will have another giveaway. I’ve got some great gift ideas such as a planner, a card making book, and of course some handmade jewelry. Let me know in the comments below what gift you’d like to see in my giveaway.

Please be sure to share my channel, comment and “thumb’s up” if you like any of my videos directly at the channel so they get included in my viewing stats. The more exposure and viewer feedback I get, the better my content can become.

I’m slowly getting better at editing my videos, but I still need to save up enough to get a better camera that will auto focus! Fingers crossed that will happen soon so my clarity will be better for your bead viewing pleasure. Giggles.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!! Special thanks to everyone who is already a subscriber and to all my new sparkly fans! Please help me spread the sparkles! Share my posts, links and announcements. Sign up for my Sparkle Squad to stay updated.

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  1. I swung by to give you a very late congratulations on 2,100 subscribers! That’s incredible! I’ve been at it for more than a year and I just hit 300, haha! Hope you’re still continuing to kick butt and make great things happen for your channel!

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