Strive to Sparkle: My Top 10 Patriotic Movies with Some History, Recipes & Tutorials

Some Independence Day History & Retrospection

It was only 241 years ago (1776) that our founding fathers in the American Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence which officially announced our separation from the rule of the British Empire. (Although we never quite left them “across the pond”- as Hollywood movies starring British actors and our continued love affair with the Beatles’ music has proven).

Although much during the growth of our nation has been arduous, fraught with injustices and death; I am still proud to be an American. I am humbled by the endurance, integrity, and innovation of our ancestors; our military service people who have defended us and continue to protect our freedoms; law enforcement personnel who respond quickly to ensure our safety; those who struggled before us that paved the way for our opportunities in the advancement of civic and human rights. Most of all though, I am honored to live in a country that, although flawed, allows its citizens to vote and freely live life with a moderate expectation of safety and dignity. There is still inequality, corruption, and mayhem, however, as a nation, we strive to offer “liberty and justice for all”!

“We need to change our batteries” 

America has always been a progressive light shining for those that need to see a new path. Although at the moment, we currently need to “change our batteries” and get back to being less spoiled and more respectful. We are still relatively young compared to other countries and have thankfully experienced an unprecedented amount of successes in our short history. I hope that our pride does not predict our fall, but instead positively assists us as we face future problems to be handled with the best intentions truly “for all”.

Patriotic Flair & Flavor for Tomorrow

I don’t have any fresh DIY goodies for you this year, however, I’m sharing 2 of my previous jewelry making videos and some delish recipe ideas for you to try in your holiday menu.

Patriotic Jewelry Tutorials

Easy & Eye-Catching Recipes

My Top 10 Patriotic Movies

In light of my researching for this post, I’m thinking we will also watch a few historical/ patriotic movies. Here’s a list of a few of my favorites, in case you’re looking for some entertainment while waiting for the 4th of July fireworks.

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