Merry Christmas Craft Tutorials and Stocking Stuffers

Merry Christmas, Sparkle Squad! I participated in a Christmas craft fair 2ce this December. These first experiences in outdoor craft fairs were both challenging and fun. I will eventually write regarding my research and valuable craft fair tips that helped me feel slightly less stressed.

Although I primarily focus on making handmade jewelry, I dabble in holiday crafts and decor, via my YouTube channel.  Since I had TONS of holiday scrap-stash, I thought it would be a nice tent filler to incorporate some yummy stocking stuffers with all the sparkles.

Holiday Craft Fair Items and Stocking Stuffer Video Tutorials

I chose the following holiday projects for my very first experience with outdoor craft fairs:

The most successful projects during the first fair were the cards, holiday earrings, and drink pouches. I was surprised that the Hershey chocolate packs didn’t fly off the table as mentioned by fellow crafters’ videos regarding their own success stories. Next time, I added the M&M bags at a lower price point. There was still only a mild interest. So either the prices for the candy was too high for my area or there were other vendors selling better-looking edible stocking stuffers. More tests will be necessary.

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Happy New Year, everyone!

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