Sparkly Songs for a Cause: I Sang for Lupus Challenge Covering Days in the Sun


A dear friend threw down the gauntlet today for me to participate in the #ISangForLupusChallenge. Since I do have a few friends that suffer from the debilitating illness called Lupus, this is a sparkle-riffic opportunity for me to help. Maybe not for those with ears listening to my completion of said challenge. lol.

For your listening pleasure or belly laughs…I will be attempting to cover “Days in the Sun” from the updated Beauty and the Beast movie starring several of my favorite actors, including Dan Stevens from Downton Abbey. Ah, Dan. lol.

Watch my Singing Attempt & Visit the Website

I challenge 3 of my gal pals to this challenge: Cynthia, Dixie and Kellie Marie. You got this!

For more information about Lupus and how to contribute to research and treatment for those currently suffering, please visit their website. The Greater Ohio chapter has a page specifically for the challenge, should anyone else be interested in participating.

Without further delay, insert your earplugs & then press play on my singing video.

Please remember to give any of my videos a thumb’s up over at my YouTube channel before February 20th’s deadline for the upcoming demonetization of small channels. Sniffles. Your sparkly support in doing so will possibly help me to maintain the small annual revenue that I receive from views & interactions at my channel.

Have a sparkle-riffic day, everyone!


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