Halloween Jewelry DIY: Wicked Witch Earrings Video Tutorial

Spooktacular Wicked Witch Earrings and Video Tutorial

As the spooky month of October comes to a close, I’ve already taught several Halloween themed jewelry making classes to “scare” up some local student interest here in El Paso, Texas. As a fan of the Wizard of Oz, I thought it would be sparkle-riffic to create a pair of witch earrings using the green face and striped leggings motif. I wanted to make the legs movable for an added cuteness factor & I had fun making 2 different versions after some humorous sparkly student feedback.

Here’s my video tutorial, complete with a little “Song of the Witches” reading (excerpt from Shakespeare’s Macbeth) for you at the end (at 10:25 to be exact). Please view it for earring assembly instructions, extra beading tips on wire wrapped loops and cool packaging/ gift card ideas. You can also purchase these earrings here.

Supplies for Wicked Witch Earrings:

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Have a spooky and sparkly Halloween, y’all!!

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