Father’s Day Card & Tie Clip DIY Video Tutorial

Here’s wishing you a Happy Father’s Day weekend!

Father’s Day Card & Tie Clip DIY

Here’s one of my newest holiday cards for anyone with tons of craft supplies still needing project ideas for a last minute Father’s Day gift.  I got this idea from Crafting a Green World’s blog post and have tweaked it to incorporate sparkle and embossed cards! Yes, even dad’s can enjoy a little bit of glitter!! So, let’s get busy watching my Father’s Day Card & Tie Clip DIY video tutorial.


This video tutorial shows you 2 versions of an embossed neck tie and bow tie card design embellished with baker’s twine and a stamped sentiment. Inside is a handmade neck tie clip and/ or tie tack. Such a beautiful and functional gift for dad. Here is one tie template and here is the larger alien spaceship tie template.

supplies collage

Supplies for Father’s Day Card & Tie Clip DIY

Here are the supplies I used in this Father’s Day Card & Tie Clip DIY project, as I originally intended this as part of a workshop for a few local community centers.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week. We have been working to make sure our little geriatric and newly completely blind kitty has been as comfortable as possible. After a near drowning in our pool, we have adopted a better safety strategy which involves near 24-7 surveillance. Bless his heart.

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