DIY Patriotic Firecracker Paper Straws Jewelry

I’m not feeling too sparkly tonight, y’all. Mr. Punkin, my dear sweet 19 year old cat is just not going to make it, I’m afraid. As a result, my DIY Patriotic Firecracker Paper Straws Jewelry tutorial is a little behind. So, if you have any leftover paper straws now that the day is almost done, this will be right up your alley to help use up the scraps.

DIY Patriotic Firecracker Paper Straws Jewelry

I made some jewelry the other day from some patriotic paper straws that I purchased at the Dollar Tree. I love that store, especially for all things crafty while on a budget.

paper straw jewelry DIY

You can use whatever you have on hand to embellish along with the straws or just keep it simple. I used some pony beads, sparkly wired ribbon, silky cord, waxed paper string and jewelry making supplies and findings.

I want to give a special sparkly thank you to all our military service people abroad and at home- active duty and veterans. Without the courage and sacrifice of you and your families, I would not be able to enjoy my freedom to pursue my sparkly ambitions. I thank you!

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