Christmas DIY Recipe: Angel Fluff Salad

Merry sparkly Christmas, everyone! I hope you’ve gotten all your cards and gifts distributed and are able to relax for the remainder of your holiday season. To those that don’t celebrate: Thank you for your patience as the rest of the world drives you crazy singing Christmas carols while driving like maniacs and stealing your parking spot at the mall. Seriously. The struggle is real. lol.

This fast, light and deceptively delicious Christmas recipe will help you to spread the sparkles this holiday season without all the sugar overload. This is a no-cook version that I created last year based on my grandmother’s more in-depth traditional cooked recipe. Due to my home-sick desperation and lack of patience to cook, I opted for this lower sugar and FAST recipe. lol. Still, nothing beats the original from my Mamaw. Sniffles.


Holiday tablescape presentation:

Here’s the short video tutorial I made showing my crazed “folding” of all ingredients. Don’t stir the goodies, otherwise the whipped cream will deflate and not be as fluffy.


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