Christians and Coffee Cups

devout or disposable

My favorite part of this whole article is: “Because, seriously, do you think Jesus would rather we remember his birthday by putting it on a coffee cup that’s going in the trash? Or would he rather we remember it by no longer treating one another as disposable?”.

I can understand the frustration of Christians feeling like we can’t express our faith in schools, at work, events, etc. while our nation still prints In God We Trust on our currency. I do understand other faiths that claim by allowing Christian holidays and prayers to infiltrate their workplace and classrooms they feel we are ostracizing their right to freedom of religion. I see both sides of the argument. I, however, wish…as you suggest here…that we all STOP ARGUING! Especially over something as trivial as a cup which will definitely be in the trash because you know people are not going to revere it simply because it has the word Christmas on it. Sad, but true.

Do I enjoy festive colors and graphics during the holidays? YES! Would it mean I am any less mindful of the real reason for the season if Christ’s name or likeness isn’t on my Frappuccino? NO!

No matter what faith we practice, the message is ultimately the same. Love & RESPECT one another. There is already so much anger, hatred and evil in the world…why add to it? I think Dickens sums it up best in one of my favorite stories, which I truly believe transcends Christmas, but is simply for respecting diversity: “Keep Christmas in your own way, and let me keep it in mine”.

As a Christian, I will not allow another person to remove my faith from my heart. Nor do I believe in belittling anyone because of their faith. I don’t impose my beliefs on others, but I do expect the same courtesy of expressing my joyfulness during holidays as non-believers expect not to be imposed upon. I was taught to love thy neighbor, not to covet a red Christmas coffee cup. Great article and perspective!

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