Candy Corn Rainbow Loom Bracelet Video Tutorial

I hope you all have a spook-tacular sparkle-tastic Halloween! Check out my video tutorial version of this candy corn Rainbow Loom Double Bead Ladder bracelet. I also sell various sizes here.

I got the idea to teach this project as a craft class at Michaels after watching this cute little girl’s channel on YouTube called Craft Life. You might like her video best, so check her out!


Originally, I shot a video using only 1 Rainbow Loom peg board and makeshift crochet hooks, but you really do need to have 2 boards and a size 3.5 crochet hook for simplicity. If you attempt this with 1 loom, just remember that you must re-attach the first section to the end of your 2nd banded board.



I enjoyed making this project much better the 2nd time around when filming with 2 boards and the proper hook. (You will still use the included Rainbow Loom tool as well). I’ve since made a glow-in-the-dark skull bracelet and a version in my brand colors of pink and blue. It is rather relaxing now. lol.

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Now I’m craving candy corn. It’s a good thing I have an excuse to buy some today! lol.



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