Fashion Princess Jewelry Making Party

 fashion princess jewelry making party

Fashion Princess Jewelry Making Party Package

A “model” jewelry making activity for your fashionista themed birthday party. During this Fashion Princess Jewelry Making Party, children are taught to make a trendy necklace with various beading supplies.

Bead stringing wire and a lovely heart shaped toggle clasp secures the necklace for each fashion diva’s design.  Kids are encouraged to lay out their design on the necklace bead board tray while the instructor teaches them how to size and arrange the components. Each girl’s custom necklace will be a true treasure with the added security of a wired piece which will stand the test of time as she grows (toggle extenders are optional and will be sold separately upon request for $5.00 each).

Once everyone completes their beaded necklace project, guests will dance down a sparkly fashion runway to the tune of “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars or “Firework” by Katy Perry and have a  group photo shoot (optional).

What’s Included in the Fashion Princess Jewelry Making Party

The Fashion Princess Jewelry Making Party package includes 2 hours of fun plus:

  • beading materials to make a clasped necklace
  • jewelry making tools
  • princess tiara for the birthday girl
  • custom invitations
  • star shaped sunglasses for beading guests
  • ring pops for beading guests
  • feather boas for beading guests
  • coordinating organza jewelry drawstring pouches for each fashionista
  • sparkly runway and doorway curtain for photo opportunities


$35.00 per child with a minimum of 5 children. For 6 children or more, only $30.00 per child.

Additional travel fee is required.