Twilight Breaking Dawn Charm Bracelet


Experience the red hot passion of Bella and Edward as they mature together in the final Breaking Dawn story. Celebrations abound with a wedding, a honeymoon, a baby and rebirth to a newborn vampire. This bracelet illustrates many significant themes of the story and key characters.


  • Clear “icy” crackle glass  beads-represents Edward’s vampiric coldness
  • Red/clear crackle glass combo beads to signify the mixing of their union and Bella’s rebirth to a newborn as her blood changes.
  • Silver tone charms:
    • dress (wedding/honeymoon)
    • palm trees (island honeymoon)
    • vampire teeth
    • Queen chess piece (signifies Bella’s change from a pawn to the Queen),
    • baby onesie outfit (daughter)
    • wedding ring
    • feather (2 fold- Jacob and the honeymoon with Edward and those darn fragile pillows!).
  • The heart shaped blood red and sparkly toggle clasp signifies Bella and Edward’s love, their resulting union, and the vampire “dazzle” effect.
  • Standard size of 7 3/4 inches

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