Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Candy Resin Earrings


These deliciously sweet pendants can be worn as a focal piece on a necklace, earring dangles, key chains and purse bling. Great for fans of Reese’s peanut butter cups!

Production will vary after these initial pieces are sold, as it does take 5-7 business days for design and resin cure process of all 3 separate layers.

  • 1st layer mimics chocolate with a brown pearlized shimmer.
  • The middle layer is a golden brown coppery “peanut butter” that sparkles like a frame.
  • The “I Love Reese” graphic is in the final top clear layer.

Each pendant is a tad over one inch as it stretches upward like an actual candy cup.

Pendants for Earrings:

Shown on silver tone French style ear wires, but can be put onto gold, copper, rose gold, gunmetal tones as well.

All requests welcome. If you would like an alternate graphic created for a peanut butter fan, please message me for design consultation and custom listing quote.

Pendants will come wrapped in a gold foil wrapper just like an actual Reese’s cup candy, for those chocolate peanut butter fans.

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