Game of Thrones Cersei Hair Bow


Game of Thrones fans, deer lovers, girl scouts, campers, outdoorsy and primitive enthusiasts will all appreciate this hair bow in a stag/ deer theme with sparkly elements in burlap and mixed ribbon.

GoT fans: There are touches of gold to represent Cersei Lannister’s hair color and her family’s reference to wealth. The stag is from the king’s banner through marriage, so the burlap ribbon represents their union. The trees on the wired ribbon represent winter for the revenge that is much needed against the villains. lol


  • Wired glittery tree ribbon
  • Spiked ribbons
  • Shimmering tulle
  • Wired bow with a tree theme
  • Burlap boutique bow with the deer theme
  • Korker pieces of grosgrain ribbon
  • Satin mini bow and bead drops
  • 2 pearlized hearts
  • Measures 5.5 inches wide x 4.5 inches tall

Ribbon is heat sealed to prevent fraying.

Only 1 left in stock

Clip style *




This hairbow can be attached to a lined alligator clip or french style barrette which can then be clipped to elastic headband or even a ponytail holder (seen in picture for reference). For awesome interchangeability, I recommend alligator clip which you can then clip onto anything as mentioned above, but also things like hats, scarves and other accessories. Simply select which clip method you prefer.

This beautiful bow will ship in a lovely decorated box so as not to damage the shape in transit, so the cost of the box is included. For any special occasion decoration, just message me in the comments of your purchase transaction so I know.



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