The Sparkle About Me

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I am thrilled that anyone who wears my handmade jewelry knows they have a sparkle-tastic distinctive design worthy of their individuality.

Before I created A Touch of Sparkle by Monica, I was just a gal looking for some ultra cool party favors for a little saga called Twilight. I could not find exactly what I wanted, as it was very theme oriented and character specific. I wanted my guests to be 100% floored by the details.

Then one day some favors I’d ordered arrived. My heart sank. The quality was mediocre. I was forced to attempt Plan B, a.k.a. Plan Sparkle.

About Sparkle by Monica

As any artist knows, starting a hobby requires investing in tools and training, which eventually leads to the decision of pursuing it as an entrepreneurial venture. Since I have a business and marketing background, I decided to give it a try. I originally got started by opening my 1st Etsy shop which has now expanded to 3 (newest for digital downloads), an Amazon Handmade shop, inSelly and expanding my revamped website to include e-commerce and video tutorials.

I was originally concerned that people might not understand my sense of design, especially since I detest actually wearing jewelry. (I know! lol). Later, when I began getting requests to purchase charm bracelets, I felt insecure about pricing my jewelry because my competitors were selling lower than what I sourced my costs in materials and packaging.

After receiving positive feedback about the quality and thoughtfulness of my particular in-depth research into each themed piece, I quickly saw that I was on the right path. I decided I would set out to create the most uniquely reflective handmade jewelry for the most exceptional people in the world. It turns out, the bedazzled road was less sparkly than I imagined.

The handcrafted community continues to undervalue their one-of-a-kind products by selling at rock bottom prices. This doesn’t include their creation and assembly time. Due to the saturation of materials made in China et al., many designers struggle to find quality supplies from locally sourced manufacturers at a reasonable cost. This also affects the product’s price point. Not all components of my designs are made in the USA; however, I do try to support our economy, just as your purchase supports local artists like me.

I had several roadblocks on my transition from hobbyist to full-time jewelry designer and instructor. I previously worked full-time, obtained 2 college degrees and relocated to a new state. After several unexpected setbacks due to the move, I’m excited to finally be pursuing my creative passion. I struggled with my self-esteem which helped to inspire my collections as uplifting, cherished keepsakes – reflective of a unique person.

I  released my first products back in 2010. The response has been sparkle-riffic! The joy that my sparkly shoppers express continues to elevate my spirit and presents new opportunities. I love surprising even the most jaded fan. So, I’m constantly learning new themes to explore through literature, movies, etc. This research has reinvigorated my passion for reading and listening to music. Most importantly, my new journey allows me to connect with many wonderful people that I may not have otherwise befriended.

Expanding the Sparkles

Since relocation to Texas in 2014, I have even expanded my jewelry making business to include creating digital graphicsteaching classes and offering personal tutoring sessions. I love the freedom of planning creative, fun and themed jewelry making projects for various sparkly students. I’ve taught ages 7 to 92 so far!! I learn more from my sparkly students than I actually teach! Those experiences and friendships are the highlights of being my own boss. My hubby and cats are still my biggest fans (even though they think I’ve developed a hoarding addiction to beads), but I am so grateful to all who become members of my Sparkle Squad.

Sparkly Awareness and Events

My work has been featured at Oh Baby A 3D/4D Ultrasound Studio . I have also contributed pieces to multiple charitable giveaways such as New York’s TwiMoms Breaking Dawn movie premiere event to benefit Alex’s Lemonade Stand,  Gracious Rain’s Twilight Breaking Dawn event , Ark R.A.I.N. Wildlife Sanctuary’s benefit auction,  2013’s Find Yvonne Baldelli- Keep Hope Alive Fundraiser MDA LockUp, Arizona Western College’s 2nd Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk, and a Relay for Life Event.

50% of sales proceeds from my Awareness Collection are donated towards cure research or family support. As of April 2017, my sparkly shoppers have helped me raise $135.00 to donate to cancer research and suicide prevention. Sadly, these are 2 causes especially close to my heart which I am glad to help in some small way. Thanks so much for your support!